How to use cannabis to quit cigarettes?

Medically reviewed by Michael Matthews, M.D.
09 February 2024
Quitting cigarettes can be very difficult. If you've tried everything but haven't been able to kick the habit, read on to know how cannabis can help.
09 February 2024
17 min read
How to use cannabis to quit cigarettes?

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  • 1. Why are cigarettes addictive?
  • 2. How can cannabis help to quit smoking cigarettes?
  • 3. How to use cannabis to quit cigarettes?
  • 4. How to intake cbd?
  • 4. a. Cbd strains
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  • 4. c. Cbd inhalers

Ask anybody that’s addicted to cigarettes and he will tell you that smoking his first cigarette was the worst decision he ever made. Indeed, cigarette smoking can kill you, but quitting it is so hard that it feels like pulling teeth is much easier. Almost every smoker quits for a few days, but he/she will be back to smoking in no time. The way cigarettes make you helpless is more brutal than you think. But, what if you found a way to quit? What if cannabis could actually help you quit cigarettes?

Let’s find out.

Why are cigarettes addictive?

There’s a misconception that tobacco causes addiction, but the truth is that the culprit is nicotine. Nicotine is also present in some fruits and vegetables. Even the human body contains traces of nicotine. It doesn’t harm you as much as tobacco, but it makes you addicted to it. The fact that you smoke cigarettes helps nicotine spread to your body through the lungs pretty quickly.

Since the brain releases dopamine in a matter of minutes after smoking cigarettes, it becomes very difficult to quit. However, this doesn’t mean that tobacco does nothing. It is primarily responsible to cause cancer. Nicotine is much less harmful, but it doesn’t let you quit cigarettes. Since you feel better after smoking, it’s naturally difficult to bid goodbye to the habit.


girl smoking


Most importantly, it’s what you feel after you try to quit. Quitting cigarettes comes with horrible withdrawal symptoms that can make you feel restless, angry and irritated all at the same time. You may also feel stressed out and anxious. The mood swings and fatigue that accompanies other symptoms cannot be ignored either.

Although these symptoms fade away after a week, it’s highly likely for people to get back to smoking in that period of time. Yes, there are many products like nicotine patches and gums to reduce the craving, but you can also try cannabis to see if it helps. Cannabis also helps reduce pain and discomfort, so it’s a win-win situation!

How can cannabis help to quit smoking cigarettes?

Research suggests that CBD specifically helps quit smoking. In a previous study, it was shown that CBD can help you quit addictive substances, but another study showed that it can help quit cigarettes in particular. This study had about 24 participants that were divided into two groups. While one group was given a placebo, the researchers offered CBD inhalers to the other.


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The test continued for a week where the researchers observed the participants. While the subjects using the placebo didn’t show a lot of changes in their habits, the group that tried CBD showed a remarkable difference. About 40% of smokers quit within a week! That’s a huge number, considering how hard it is to quit smoking!

Of course, a single study doesn’t prove everything, but there’s a lot of research conducted on CBD alone to prove its benefits. Not only does it help with anxiety and stress but it also helps you relax after a long hard day at work.

How to use cannabis to quit cigarettes?

It makes sense to use CBD to quit cigarettes, but it certainly doesn’t make sense if you smoke joints. Yes, it might help too, but the process isn’t a lot different than smoking cigarettes. The fact is that cigarettes contain more than 4000 chemicals and is addictive. Marijuana doesn’t contain any chemicals and is harmless compared to tobacco, but since you’re burning a joint with paper, many carcinogens released while smoking cigarettes are also released when you smoke joints.




In other words, the problem lies in the way you intake cannabis. Thus, to avoid this problem, you can use vaporizers to use cannabis or CBD. Vaporizers use technology that heats up the bud or oil but it doesn’t hurt your lungs the way a joint or cigarette does.

How to intake CBD?

There are several ways to ingest CBD:

CBD strains

There are many strains available in the market today. But, most of them are high in THC. Most recreational users love THC. Thus, it’s natural for manufacturers to push high-THC strains. However, thanks to people understanding that cannabis isn’t meant only for recreational purposes or to get high, you’ll see some companies selling CBD products as well.

The best thing you could do is purchase seeds of strains high in CBD. For example, take a look at CBD Auto from our catalog. It contains 20% CBD with only 1% THC. That’s a phenomenally high percentage of CBD. Once you purchase seeds, you can grow them at home. Why go through all the effort when you can buy CBD buds from a dispensary, you ask?

Well, not everyone resides in locations where cannabis is legal. Plus, growing at home gives you the opportunity to control everything. You’ll know exactly what you used to grow your own buds. Thus, you’ll be at peace. Most importantly, growing at home will reduce costs considerably. Sure, you’d have to invest a bit more initially, but the final results will all be worth it. You’ll have so many buds that you’ll not know what to do with them!

To quit cigarettes, simply smoke CBD joints like you’d smoke cigarettes! You’ll not experience a high like THC because CBD doesn’t produce a psychoactive high!

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CBD oils are very common nowadays. It’s available almost everywhere. You can ingest oils either through droppers or use vaporizers meant for oils. Remember to do some proper research before you purchase oils, though. Go for companies that offer lab reports with tests conducted recently. Since CBD is so popular nowadays, almost every company wants to get into the cannabis business especially CBD. Adulterated oils are pretty common, so the onus is on you to do research.

You can also make your own CBD oil at home. There are various videos on the internet that describe the process to a T. This way, you’ll never have to worry about adulteration. However, if you don’t want to dig a deep hole in your pocket, you’ll have to grow the plants yourself at home.

To quit cigarettes using CBD oil, vaporize the oil whenever you feel an urge to smoke. It’s simple and harmless unlike cigarettes filled with nicotine and tobacco.

CBD Inhalers

CBD inhalers look like regular inhalers used to treat asthma. They are small compact devices that are used to deliver the medicine straight to your lungs. One can use the inhaler just like you’d use regular inhalers. Simply place the mouthpiece of your inhaler in your mouth and press the pump to deliver CBD into your lungs.

The best part is that you can carry them anywhere in your pocket easily. As soon as you get the urge to stick a cigarette in your mouth, just pull out the inhaler and pump away! Yes, it’s not as satisfying as smoking a joint but you’ll never have to worry about harming your lungs. You’ll also not have to worry about tobacco causing cancer anymore!

Generally, there are two types of CBD inhalers available today – metered dose and dry powder inhalers. While MD inhalers work like aerosol sprays, DP inhalers use powdered CBD.

Quitting cigarettes becomes a big deal if you constantly think about it. If you survive without cigarettes for a month or so, you’ll soon be free! On the other hand, no product will work if you don’t make up your mind to quit. Thus, prepare yourself to quit and never look back at cigarettes today!